How You Can Shut All Distractions And Hear


Before  Acting… In Order To Bring Peace To Your Life.

If you’re battling with knowing if what you heard is from God before taking any action…

Then this is going to be the most interesting read.

Now, IMAGINE being in a situation where you have to decide what to do to take you to the next level in life.

OR maybe you heard a voice within, but you’re not sure if it is God’s direction…

How do you choose what to act on?

The ability to discern between GOOD, EVIL OR YOUR SELFISH INTEREST in acting in God’s Direction is the  key character every Christian should possess

Here is what I mean…

Let’s take, for instance, Adam and Eve.

Adam was given the forbidden fruit by his wife Eve, after being tempted by the serpent.

They both ate the Apple out of the distraction from the devil.

But on the other hand, they had God’s word known to them, which was for them NOT to eat the forbidden fruit.


And they allowed their SELFISH interest to rule them.

If You Must Grow As God’s Own, and have his word direct you, YOU MUST…

Have a knowledge that Hearing God and recognizing God’s direction gives peace

Be careful to know you’re hearing from God…and must do nothing contrary.

Learn to do God’s Agenda FIRST, to get other things right.

But First How DO I Know All These…

Let me introduce myself…

My name is Pastor Nike Adeyemi.

 And over 25 years, I have been pastoring at Daystar Christian Center. 

Also, I have been in the ministry as an evangelist and a prayer warrior long before then.

I have had different experiences in life where I have learned how to listen and know when God is talking to me.

I began to understand God’s direction back in the ’80s…

Then I realized God’s direction makes me happy and I had peace of mind.

And ever since then I’ve never looked back.

And today, I want to share with you why YOU should also embrace the same path.

This is because, with this, you get to find that inner peace within.

And so I am

to you….

“Hearing From God”

In This Ebook,…

I share with you my story on how I was able to uncover when God is talking to me. And from there YOU WILL SEE…

  • Why you need to ditch ALL distractions to hear from God
  •  Why God’s Agenda matters to understand his direction
  • Why hearing from God is NOT Business As Usual… 

I found peace when I found the answer to all the questions above, and I want to help you find the same. 

Imagine how it feels like…

To understand the words coming from God, your creator.

To easily Identify all the steps you need to take to implement the instructions from God 

And follow them to the core because you have the Guidance of “the Knowledge of the certainty of knowing what you heard was from God”

Then with this, you will find out that the greatest peace lies in hearing from God.

Now, what if you find a way to hear from God by shutting out ALL distractions.

Knowing that God’s Agenda in your life is what matters and NOT yours.

Wouldn’t that be a good fit?…

To take you further to the next level of your life.

Where you know that what matters FIRST is to hear God’s word and then other things will follow.

Do you know that you can deal with the mental battle of knowing what God wants from your response to an event?

But maybe you sometimes fail at this…

And one of the reasons is…

Your DESIRE OR THOUGHT limits you from taking the step of faith.

Let’s take Noah in the Bible…

He took a bold step to build an Ark, after God’s direction…

There was NO objection from him whatsoever.

Even when there was no rainfall nor flood yet.

He knew what he had to do and was taking steps to get them done.

Even when his community started mocking him and they thought he was going crazy.

He had peace in the fact that “He heard from God” and Ignored all Naysayers …

He Kept Pressing on …

Now Ask Yourself…

  • Do you find yourself so distracted by different voices & thoughts?
  • Are you always in a state where you keep debating if what you heard is from God or not?
  • Are you putting God’s agenda first?
  • Are you taking the act of hearing from God like Business As Usual?

If this is the case with you.

Wouldn’t you want to always be in a state of “PEACE” because you are sure “YOU HEARD FROM GOD?”

And that is one of the revelations you get from this Ebook…

“Hearing From God”

In this Ebook, you get the knowledge of how God wants you to listen to him.

Using important analogies like the story of Mary and Martha.

If ONLY you know this, then it will go a long way to help you.

Now, What Does It Take To Get This Value Shared Ebook In Your Hands Today?…

As much as the word of God is given to us free, we must be careful to know that the understanding of God’s Word Matters.

And must appreciate hearing from him.

And that’s why I have taken the pain to align the approach to hearing from God

Sharing ALSO my early experience as a Christian to help you EMBRACE hearing from God First.

 I could easily Give It for FREE.

But here is the thing…

What you have here are practical breakdowns you can learn from and apply to your daily approach to listen to God’s word.

And that’s NOT ALL…

This is NOT just some Bible citation. 

Plus I have come to understand that faith and guidance-sensitive books like this are on rare occasions READ by most people…

…And they tend to MISS out on the value it provides.

So, therefore, I’ve placed a little price on this GOLD. 

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Let’s weigh the options…

Imagine this…

If you get this Ebook today and it helps share experiences from the Bible and real-life happenings that will guide you on how best to hear from God…

Giving you something to inspire that faith of yours.

Would you see the $10 as something too much to let go of?

Obviously NO.

And considering that with this, you will get to understand…

Why you need to ditch ALL distractions to hear from God

Why God’s Agenda matters to understand his direction

Why hearing from God is NOT Business As Usual… and that’s why not all can get it right

And so if you WANT this Ebook in your hands, then click on the button below.