To Every Woman Who Wants To Be The Best Of Herself.

Would You Like Me To Personally Help You Grow…

By Joining My

Dear friend,

I’m looking for serious-minded women who are willing to move to the next level of their growth by joining my close circle membership…

 Where I will work with you on improving your self-esteem, your love language communication and relationship with your spouse, and also how to place a balance in your social and spiritual life.

Now if you’re one of the few women in the society that believes a woman should be exceptional in her way, then this is for you.

Or maybe you feel you’re not getting it right and you need someone to help you grow and guide you towards believing in yourself by sharing their own experiences with you…where you learn how they were able to overcome similar challenges you’re going through.

Then this is the message you’ve been waiting for and together we can work this out.

Here’s how this works…

Over time I’ve seen women who are willing to work and improve on themselves but a lack of self-discipline or self-confidence won’t allow them.

They tend to have one reason or the other why they are not putting into practice what they have learned or what they know they have abilities for.

And with this, they miss out on achieving their goals or developing themselves…year after year.

And this goes a long way to weigh them down.

Even to the extent of making them less valued by their spouse and the people around them.

Does the above sound familiar to you?

And to think that this makes you frustrated about that marriage of yours which isn’t working out…

To the extent that you sometimes feel like giving up on your marriage…Because things aren’t getting any better.

Or there’s that spiritual exercise you wish to start to GET you closer to God, but you’re finding it difficult to start.

How about the confidence you need to take up responsibilities in starting that business or something you’ve always wanted to do.

All These Experiences I’ll Be Open To Share With You Towards Having A Habitual Process To Achieve Them.


Now, this is me…

  • Giving you my time and full attention.
  • Access to hearing directly from me monthly, and ask any questions you’d love me to help you with.
  • Plus also a close circle of women of like minds where you can learn from the experience being shared.

Here’s A Fraction Of What You’ll Be Getting From Nike Adeyemi Mentoring Program…

  • Quarterly Live Zoom Session…where you’ve access to ask me questions and advice you’d want from me.
  • You’ll understand through my teachings…. how to use love languages for communication with your spouse and start sweetening your marriage and relationship communication.
  • You’ll have access to a monthly video message where I reveal growth strategies to help you Excel.
  • You’ll have access to Special and empowering Newsletters from me.
  • You’ll have to yourself a close group of women of like minds to motivate each other for self-development.
  • I’ll reveal to you my experience over the years that enables me to understand hearing from God and also manage communication with my husband from my years of marital experience.
  • Access to ask me questions via a specialized email or contact as you work on developing yourself 
  • Access to a laid out plan to help you grow 
  • You’ll have me monitor your progress as a member of the circle.

But This Is Not For Everybody…

And here’s who I can help.  

As I’m serious about who I’ll accept to my closed circle for mentorship.

This is so we both can understand what you are about to get into.

And like I said earlier on;  I’m looking for serious-minded women.

So if you’re not willing to put in the work or follow my guidance so we make progress.

Then this isn’t for you.

Because this is going to make it difficult for me to work with you.

And secondly, because this is going to be a demanding one on my part.

I’m only looking at taking a few women for this program, so if you check in later and you’re not able to access this.

Then probably the circle intake is filled.

So this is going to be the best time you have to do this and get yourself in a circle of women with a growth mindset.

Now, What Will It Take You To Be A Part Of This?

For you to join this INNER circle, I’ve made this in a way you can afford this, by giving you a 3- payment plan…